Welcome to the AABF 

Representing our members within the industry and beyond 

The Association of AlternativeBusiness Finance (AABF) was established in 2017 and provides the UK’s diverse range of alternative lenders with a unified and more influential voice.

It has a strong focus on devising and promoting the best standards of industry practice under four key Operating Principles - Transparency, Responsibility, Fairness and Security


All members appreciate that awareness of alternative finance options amongst SMEs remains a major issue and the AABF's distinctive logo is designed to inspire confidence and highlight that members adhere to the commitments that underpin the association's Operating Principles.


Excellent working relationships have been established with influential industry bodies and Government All-Party Working Groups. The AABF is now regularly asked for input on key industry policies and issues and is working closely with the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) through its SME Council alongside other prominent Trade Associations.



To provide a single, more powerful, and influential voice to ensure the vital role alternative lenders must play in supporting UK SMEs is understood and valued.

"We were one of the founding members of the AABF as we appreciated that compared to traditional banks we were underpowered in terms of lobbying and regulatory influence.


"We have to use our resources wisely and we clearly couldn't  prioritise these things. Therefore, combining with other alternative lenders through the association made perfect sense as this provided us with insight and influence we wouldn't otherwise have.


"You tend to be a little isolated running your own business so being able to meet, discuss and form a view/response on market related issues is extremely valuable.


"The AABF allows us to have a louder voice and, when issues arise, a seat at the top table that ensures alternative lenders' specific challenges are understood and taken into account."

Alex Ivison, Vice President of Risk.